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      <rc type="new" ns="0" title="Red (Disambiguation)" timestamp="2016-08-23T21:58:51Z" />
      <rc type="new" ns="0" title="75154 TIE Striker" timestamp="2016-08-21T08:47:00Z" />
      <rc type="new" ns="0" title="75156 Krennic&#039;s Imperial Shuttle" timestamp="2016-08-19T10:15:07Z" />
      <rc type="new" ns="0" title="First Order Technician" timestamp="2016-08-16T21:46:01Z" />
      <rc type="new" ns="0" title="Evil Orb" timestamp="2016-08-16T09:10:06Z" />
      <rc type="new" ns="0" title="75155 Rebel U-Wing" timestamp="2016-08-15T02:15:54Z" />
      <rc type="new" ns="0" title="The LEGO Store, New York, NY, USA" timestamp="2016-08-14T17:56:54Z" />
      <rc type="new" ns="0" title="10254 Winter Holiday Train" timestamp="2016-08-11T22:21:32Z" />
      <rc type="new" ns="0" title="41180 Ragana&#039;s Magic Shadow Castle" timestamp="2016-08-11T04:20:54Z" />
      <rc type="new" ns="0" title="41179 Queen Dragon&#039;s Rescue" timestamp="2016-08-11T04:12:42Z" />
    <recentchanges rcstart="2016-08-11T04:09:55Z" />