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00-1 Weetabix Castle is a Weetabix Promotional LEGOLAND set released in 1970.


This set builds into a large micro-scale castle in white, red, yellow, blue, black and gray. The castle walls are red, some have walkways with black supports and white steps leading up to them. There are six towers: a white one with red windows and a blue roof, a taller white one with red windows and battlements on top, a small white one with red windows and battlements on top, a large yellow one with white windows and a second smaller tower on top, both having battlements, and two identical white gatehouse towers with red windows and battlements, they are connect by a blue roof over the gate. The yellow tower has a flag with LEGO printed on it on top. The base of the castle is mostly gray with some blue foundations. There is a yellow drawbridge that connects to a stack of gray plates outside the castle.



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