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Taj Mahal
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Flag-US $299.99
Flag-UK £199.99
Flag-AU $499.99







10189 Taj Mahal is an Exclusives Sculptures set released in 2008. It contains a large model of the Taj Mahal, and is intended for children ages fourteen and up. It is currently the biggest production set LEGO has ever produced, with 5922 pieces.


Taj Mahal:

It is based upon the white marble structure that was built at Agra, India during 1632 through 1653. The set is only meant for display and not for everyday play considering its very large size and elegant features. Usually every set contains pieces that average around ten cents per piece, despite this, the Taj Mahal comes with a 5,922, but costs US $299.99 and £199.99, thus equalling $0.05 per piece, an exceptional value by all accounts. The Taj Mahal is composed of three parts that can easily be removed from each other: the dome, a mid-section, and a square plinth. The square plinth is composed of several bright blue baseplates forming a perimeter of 20 x 20 studs with over two hundred white 2 x 2 turntables placed on top. On each corner of the square plinth are tall columns that are topped by a dome. The symmetrical building is formed with arches and bricks with an arch-shaped doorway that is topped by a large dome and finial. Description This is a quote taken from Do not modify it.

Build the breathtaking Taj Mahal!

The famous Taj Mahal jewel of India is known all over the globe for its incredible beauty and elegance. Now you can recreate this modern wonder of the world for yourself! Designed for experienced builders, the LEGO Taj Mahal model features advanced building techniques, rare elements and colors, and realistic details of architecture. With over 5,900 pieces, the Taj Mahal makes an awesome addition to any LEGO collection!

  • Amazingly detailed model features the base, minarets, domes, finials, arches, and stairs in the front!
  • Measures over 20" (51cm) wide and over 16" (41cm) tall!



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