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Santa with Reindeer and Sleigh
1628 Santa with Reindeer and Sleigh
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1628 Santa with Reindeer and Sleigh is a Seasonal set released in 1989.


This set includes 63 red, white, yellow, and black pieces. The set consists of a Reindeer, Santa, and a sleigh. The Reindeer has white antlers and a red Christmas hat. Other than that, the reindeer is all white. The Reindeer's neck also has a white rope piece that connects the reindeer to the slay.

Santa has a yellow face piece which depicts black eyes and a red nose. The rest of the Santa piece is covered in red and white, except for his black boots. The sleigh is white and has a rope piece that connects it to the Reindeer. Santa is built onto the sleigh. The finished model depicts Santa sitting on the sleigh and the Reindeer pulling the sleigh.


  • This set was only released in the United States.

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