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  • Ole Kirk Christiansen's carpentry shop nearly goes bankrupt during the Great Depression. With a lack of normal carpentry jobs, Ole Kirk starts producing toys, many of which were wooden pull toys.
  • Christiansen's carpentry shop is struck by lightning and burns down, the second time. The first time this happened was in 1924, 8 years earlier.
  • Kirstine Christiansen, Ole Kirk Christiansen's wife, dies.
  • Hilary Fisher Page founds Kiddicraft in Purley, Surrey. Kiddicraft would later produce the first interlocking plastic bricks, the forerunners to the LEGO brick.
  • It is the first anniversary of LEGO.

Themes introduced or discontinued

Sets introduced

# Set Pieces Figures Price Released
Wood Toys
               Yo-Yo 1 None 1932

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