2009686 Introducing Simple & Powered Machines

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Introducing Simple & Powered Machines
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2009686 Introducing Simple & Powered Machines is a Dacta set released in 2009. It is an activity pack for set 9686 Simple and Motorized Mechanisms Base Set

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Age Mark: 8+

Key Learning Values:

  • Investigating the principles of simple machines, mechanisms and structures
  • Experimenting with balanced and unbalanced forces
  • Experimenting with friction
  • Capturing, storing and transferring wind energy
  • Measuring distance, time, speed and weight
  • Calibrating scales
  • Investigating powered forces and motion, speed and pulling power

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With this activity pack students get a fundamental understanding of simple machines, structures and mechanisms. The pack features 37 principle model activities, 14 main activities, including extension activities, and six problem-solving tasks. Flash animations introduce the activities. Teacher's notes, student worksheets and glossary included.

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