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The 2012 San Diego Comic-Con International Exclusive Limited Edition Print is a DC Universe promotional print of LEGO Batman: The Visual Dictionary that was given out at San Diego Comic-Con International.


The print consists primarily of a large image of Batman, with Gotham City behind him. Several images are superimposed of over this one background image, however. The print features a large image of "Electro Suit Batman", with the text "Exclusive Minifigure Reveal" above it. Three cirular images radiate out from the Electro Suit image; the images being the Batmobile, Robin, and Catwoman on her motorcycle. An picture of the cover of the LEGO Batman Visual Dictionary is situated next to these images. A small area signed by Daniel Lipkowitz is located beneath the book, with the DK logo situated next to it. In the corner of the print next to Batman, a box reading "2012 San Diego Comic-Con International Exclusive Limited Edition Print", is situated.