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21000 Sears Tower (21000 Willis Tower in the UK) is an Architecture set released in 2008 (2011 in the UK) based on the former Sears Tower (now known as Willis Tower). The model was designed by Chicago architect Adam Reed Tucker.


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Build and display the Sears Tower!

Introducing the LEGO Architecture Landmark series of real-world construction models! This striking black-and-white replica of the famous Sears Tower in Chicago, U.S.A. measures 9" (228 mm) tall and 3.1" (80 mm) wide at its labeled base, and includes a booklet full of details about the building's design and history, plus facts about the real tower. A creative and eye-catching accent for any desk, shelf or mantelpiece! Replica of real-world architectural landmark Sears Tower! Booklet included with details on design and history! Measures 9" (228 mm) tall and 3.1" (80 mm) wide!


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