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Cole DX
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Cole (DX version)


Flag-US $9.99
Flag-DE €9.99


6 - 14


March 29, 2011



2170 Cole DX is a Ninjago set released in March 2011. It contains Cole DX, a spinner base, five cards, a silver katana, a black spear and The Scythe of Quakes. The DX versions of the ninja have a dragon design on their torso and new golden spinners with red bases.


  • The description claims that the golden staff (most-likely from 2112 Cole) is included rather than The Scythe of Quakes.
  • Like the second wave of Ninjago spinners, this set also includes two clip-pieces.
  • The Scythe of Quakes also makes an appearance in 9444 Cole's Tread Assault,9449 Ultra Sonic Raider and 2258 Ninja Ambush.
  • On the weapons page of the name of the golden weapon is the staff of light.


The Cards included in this set are: Cole DX, Boulder Barrier, Weapon Frenzy, Weapon Freeze and Smoke Screen. Description This is a quote taken from Do not modify it. (visit this item's product page)

Defeat the skull army with earth dragon power!

Spin your way to victory and become a spinjitzu master! Cole is now a dragon ninja and has reached a level of spinjitzu ability that allows him to ride the Earth Dragon. Nothing can stop him with his black dragon suit and golden staff! Use the 4 battle cards included in the set to influence the battle.

  • Includes Cole minifigure with dragon suit and golden dragon spinner
  • Features 3 weapons: golden staff, spear and sword
  • Also includes: 4 battle cards, character card and LEGO® bricks
  • Battle with your friends!

Minifigure Included


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