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1 x 1 Bricks
222-1 x 1 Bricks
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System i Leg
    System i Leg Accessories

222 1 x 1 Bricks is a System i Leg Accessories set released in 1958. It contains forty 1 x 1 bricks. Available in five colours; Bright Red, White, Bright Blue, Bright Yellow, and Transparent.


  • This set is the same as 1221 1 x 1 Bricks released in 1955.
  • In USA and Canada, different versions were Bright Red, White, Bright Yellow, Bright Blue, Transparent, and Black.
  • The USA version has 62 pieces, the Canadian version has 56 pieces.
  • In Europe, different versions were Bright Blue, Bright Yellow, Bright Red and White. European versions have 40 or 38 pieces.

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