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2554 Formula 1 Pit Stop is a Town set released in 1997 as part of the Racing line. It was also a Shell promotion.

Description Edit

The set includes two race cars, a pit-stop belonging to one of these racers, and five minifigures. Only two of these figures, however, are drivers. The remaining three are mechanics, who carry tools and maintenance accessories. Every minifigure features the same head decal, a smile with sunglasses.

The cars are blue and red, and sport the numbers '5' and '1' respectively. Both use the same design, with different colours.

Various tools are included, such as a drill, a hammer, and others. Two spare wheels hang up next to a checkered flag. Paralleling this flag is another with a Shell logo.

Notes Edit

  • The entire pitstop is built on a 16 x 16 baseplate, which only appears in two other sets.

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