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Brickjournal issue 10
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July 2010

2851103 BrickJournal Issue 10 is an informative LEGO magazine including information and pictures on new sets and recent events released in July 2010.


  • Brick Adventure 2010
  • KidsFest 2009
  • My First Convention



  • LEGO Atlantis: The Secrets Revealed
  • Sea Monkeys: Creating a Fan Theme
  • Jesper Jørgen
  • You Can Build It: Mermaid
  • You Can Build It: MINI Deep Sea Diorama
  • You Can Build It: Seated Woman
  • Rapunzel, Rapunzel
  • How the LEGO Group Turned Adversity to Opportunity
  • Puzzling LEGO Models
  • You Can Build It: Sliding LEGO Puzzles
  • Minifigure Customization 101: The Best of Sculpting
  • Set Review: 10198 Tantive IV


  • Pirates in LEGO Land
  • Visiting the LEGO Archives
  • History of
  • Mastering FIRST LEGO League: Calibrating the Robot (Turning)
  • Not Quite LEGO: Marvel Minimates
  • Community Ads
  • Last Word
  • AFOLs


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