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Adventurers Car
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Pharaoh Skeleton
Dr. Lightning





2995 Adventurers Car is a 1998 Adventurers Egypt set. The set includes an average sized Adventurers car, Dr. Kilroy, and a Pharaoh Skeleton. It also comes with a crate full of equipment including a shovel, a magnifying glass, a map, a pick-axe, a camera, and a backpack. The set also includes a jewel piece (the Re-Gou Ruby) for the Pharaoh Skeleton, and a Scorpion.


The front of the car has a light grey bar for a bumper and its chassis sticking out with two tan wheels placed on. A standard Adventurers headlight piece is used in light grey. It is a couple normal bricks high and rounds at the top. It is imprinted with a grill texture and has two yellow headlights jutting out at the sides. Behind it the engine transitions to the car's main colour, tan, with a slope piece. Behind that is a low-lying windshield with rear-view mirrors placed on it. Here, the car becomes wider at its sides and angular as a cab piece is laid down. There are two seats in the cab-piece with a steering wheel placed in front of the left one and a lever to the right of that. A map is placed in a cavity between the two seats. In the back of the car is a truck-bed. A covered crate carrying supplies is placed in the back, as well is a brown backpack with a pickaxe and shovel. The supplies are kept in the back by a low-lying wall which arches over the second pair of wheels. At the base of the wall are clips for holding other items. In the back is a small door which can be lowered into a ramp to remove items.

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