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Heartlake Vet
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3188 Heartlake Vet is a Friends set released in 2012. It includes Mia, Sophie, a horse (Bella), a hedgehog (known as Oscar), a dog (Scarlett), a main vet office and a stable.


The main vet, the building is mostly tan in colour, though it has a lot of white windows, and the roof is aqua.

The main vet is built on light blue baseplate, the exterior has yellow flowers, bugs and butterflies on stems on lime and green bricks, the door is white with a pick stud as the handle, beside the door is a post box with a letter inside it, there's a small window over it, too the right of the door there's three large white windows and to the left there's one. The roof is made out of blue slanted pieces and flat white bricks, also on the roof there's a sign for the vet with a sticker of dog, a hedgehog and horse on it, there is also two butterflies in each top corner, inside there's a fish tank made out of a green 4x2 brick and four transparent blue bricks on it with stickers of fish, there's a x-ray station for Scarlet, and a sink.

The stable is also mostly tan, it's set on a green baseplate. It has a pink barn door with a bug on it, beside it there's a golden sink facet with a drain underneath it, over the foist there's a picture of a horse, beside the horse stable there's a small section with a white fence a door and a blue sink, beside the door there's a picture of a hedgehog.

The Accessories include a spoon, pet food, a pen and other vet accessories.

The set includes two minidolls:

Mia has a light nougat face with long red hair in a ponytail there is a hole at the top of her head where she can put bows or other accessories. Her eyes are orange and she has pink lipstick, on each side of her mouth she has four freckles like all Mini-doll figure's Mia has a nose.she wears a blue shirt with a big purple paw print and two purple butterflies printed on it. She wears green shorts with purple butterflies on the side leading down to her legs which lead down to her feet with purple sandals.

Sophie wears white shoes, and has light nougat legs. She wears a light pink skirt, and a tortoise top. Her arms are also turquoise, and her hands are also nougat. She has light blue eyes, long brown hair, and wears a turquoise pillbox hat.


Mia helps Sophie take care of Bella, Scarlett and Oscar at the vet. Description This is a description taken from Do not modify it. (visit this item's product page)

Help the animals back to health at the Heartlake Vet!

All of the Heartlake City animals get the help and care they need like ... at the Heartlake Vet. Mia helps out and learns to take care ... Help the veterinarian to get all of the cute little critters back to health! Examine them all on the examination table, check temperatures, apply the ice pack, listen to heartbeats and feed the animals their medicine. Weigh them on the scale and even take X-rays! Decorate their cages with butterflies, ladybugs and flowers! Includes 3 animals, Mia and Veterinarian Sophie mini-doll figures.

  • Includes 2 mini-doll figures: Mia and Veterinarian Sophie
  • Animals include: horse Bella, dog Scarlett and hedgehog Oscar
  • Features aquarium, examination table, mailbox, horse pen, hedgehog cage, X-ray and scale
  • Accessories include thermometer, clipboard, ice pack, stethoscope, spoon, syringe, registration chart and flower accessory pack with 12 flowers, 4 butterflies and 4 ladybugs
  • Examine new patients with realistic accessories!
  • Listen to heartbeats with the stethoscope!
  • Review the X-ray and registration chart!
  • LEGO® Friends pieces are fully compatible with all LEGO bricks
  • Collect all of the LEGO Friends sets for a whole world of LEGO Friends fun!
  • LEGO mini-dolls are LEGO minifigures made especially for the world of LEGO *Friends with thousands of customizable hair and fashion combinations
  • Measures over 3” (10cm) tall, 12” (32cm) wide and 4” (12cm) long

Mini-dolls included



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