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3300003 LEGO Brand Retail Store is a set released in 2012 as a giveaway to celebrate new LEGO store openings. They are exclusive and are only available for one day per store opening; and for that one day, there is only 300 available. To obtain one of these sets, one must buy something at a grand opening of a LEGO store for at least thirty five us dollars (subject to change in other countries). The LEGO stores are a highly sought collectible item and on the day of the promotion there is often if not always a line of people waiting to get one. More information can be found here:[[1]] Description This is a description taken from Do not modify it.

Celebrate the opening of a brand new LEGO Store in your area with the new, exclusive LEGO Brand Retail Store model! Not available for purchase, this set is only given out to a select number of customers with a qualifying purchase during the Grand Opening Celebration. We are proud to announce 10 new locations in North America opening in 2012:

Nashville, TN
Victor, NY
Vancouver, BC; Canada
Wauwatosa, WI
The Woodlands, TX
Peabody, MA
Overland Park, KS
Elizabeth, NJ
Seattle, WA
Alpharetta, GA

Stay tuned for details on the Grand Opening Celebrations, featuring the new exclusive, limited-edition LEGO Brand Retail Store set and T-Shirts! For more information, please visit Offers will be available during the Grand Opening Celebration only, while supplies last. Phone orders will not be accepted, to qualify purchase must be made at store location.


  • The qualifying purchase to receive this set in Vancouver was CA $35.


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