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Holiday Set 1 of 2
Lego set 3300020
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Free with purchases over $100 from, October 17th-31st 2011.





3300020 Holiday Set 1 of 2 is a Seasonal set released in 2011. The official name for this set is "Christmas Tree Scene". The set contains part of a room, a christmas tree and presents, and a minifigure of a boy. The set was available free with orders over 100$ from, October 17–31 2011.


A 8x8x1/3 baseplate goes at the bottom of the model. On this is a layer of white bricks, and some light sand and darker sand bricks depicting a decorated carpet. Above the white layer of bricks are seven layer of maroon bricks and a layer of flat white bricks at the very top. There is a white window on one of the walls, and a 2x2 flat piece depicts a picture with a boat sailing in the water like the one in 4193 The London Escape. On the carpet is a Christmas tree with red, light orange, blue, and yellow decorations. The tree is built out of 1/3 hight bricks, and gets thinner as it goes up. At the very top of the tree is a cold cone. Also one the carpet, are four presents of different sides: one light blue, one dark blue, one dark green, and one red. Each of the presents has a gold piece depicting the label to show who the present is for. The set contains one minifigure: a boy with short blue legs, a red torso, yellow arms and smiling face, and brown combed hair.

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