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Advent Calendar
4024 Advent Calendar
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Flag-US $14.99
Flag-UK £14.99





4024 Advent Calendar is a LEGO Creator Seasonal advent calendar that was released in 2003, which includes 24 small models. Also included are instructions on how to use the pieces that are included in this set to build four big models. Only 1 big model could be built at a time.


  • This set was a limited release.
  • It was priced at around £14.99/$14.99. Description This is a quote taken from Do not modify it.

Count down to the holidays!
A fun way to count down to the happiest holidays of all! Open a door every day from December 1st through December 24th and find a surprise mini LEGO set inside. Plus on four special days you get instructions on how to use the pieces you've collected to build four big models! All new models inside for holiday 2003!

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