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4558 Metroliner is a 9V Train set that was released in 1991. In 2001 the set was re-released as 10001 Metroliner.


The set comes with eleven minifigures, and 768 pieces. Two models can be made using the parts from this set. The first consist of two locomotive-wagons with a person-wagon between them. One locomotive has a bar and the other one is for sleeping and baggage/bicycles. The second one has a pure locomotive with one person-wagon and a baggage cart. Both have a short railway station.

This set can be expanded with the 4547 Club Car set.


  • United States: Metroliner
  • Germany: Moderner Hochgeschwindigkeitszug
  • Italy: Treno City Express
  • France: Train de banlieue
  • Nederlands: Sneltrein
  • Great Britain: Euro Express

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