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Speedy Police Car
4666 Speedy Police Car
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Police Officer


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4666 Speedy Police Car is a City (4 Plus) set released in Spring 2004. This set consists of one 4 Plus Police Officer and a total of 24 pieces that are used to build a small police car. This is the second smallest Police set of the whole 4 Plus line, only losing to 4651 Police Motorcycle.


This set comes in the standard size of box that most $6–7 sets do, displaying a colorful scenery and picture of the included vehicle driving on the side of a cliff-road. Inside is a polybag containing the 24 pieces. The instruction manual has a total of three pages; the first displaying the box art, the second telling the limited instructions in two steps and the third advertising the rest of the City line with the Octan tanker from 4654 Tanker Truck that has apparently fallen into a river. The instruction manual is extremely basic, and no stickers come with the set. The pieces provided are not exclusive, and many are featured in other City sets at the time. The finished set looks similar to that of a Toyota MR2, and fits the Minifigure included perfectly. Description This is a description taken from Do not modify it.

The police are on their way!
When trouble starts, the Speedy Police Car hits the streets! The bad guys don't have a chance with this lightning-fast police cruiser on their trail.


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