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Spider-Man's First Chase
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Spider-Man (Wrestling Suit)
Highway Patrolman
Uncle Ben's Killer


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Flag-UK £17.99







4850 Spider-Man's First Chase is a Spider-Man set released in 2003. It includes Spider-Man in his wrestler's outfit before he took on his superhero costume, a Highway Patrolman, and Uncle Ben's Killer minifigures.


This set consists of three main parts: A police car, Uncle Ben's car, and a gated bit of fence (the set also consists of a fire hydrant, and a trash can).

The Police Car, driven by the Highway Patrolman, looks like most LEGO cars of the time, but has a large police badge printed on it's hood, as well as a siren on it's roof, and "Police" printed on a door. It is primarily coloured white and red. It has no working doors.

Uncle Ben's car, driven by a Criminal, is coloured tan, gray, and white, and, like the Police Car, has no actual working doors.

The Gated Fence consists of two pillars connected with a long flat piece (with a "Keep Out" sign and two lamps mounted on it). The pillars support a gate, which is designed to open when rammed with a car. Desription This is a quote taken from Do not modify it. (See an archive of the product’s page)

Help Spider-Man catch the criminal!
Peter Parker let this criminal get away once - but Spider-Man™ won't let him escape a second time! Recreate Spider-Man's exciting first chase from the blockbuster movie -- can he stop the thief in time? Includes Spider-Man, criminal, policeman, two vehicles, and more.

Minifigures included


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