5000216 Hero Factory Savage Planet DVD

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Hero Factory Savage Planet DVD
Running time:

88 min


Not rated


US $14.98

First released/aired:

October 4, 2011


Hero Factory

5000216 Hero Factory Savage Planet DVD is a Hero Factory DVD to be released on October 4, 2011. It includes both Hero Factory movies: Ordeal of Fire and Savage Planet. Description This is a quote taken from Do not modify it. (visit this item's product page)

HERO CODE RED: A new exciting movie adventure starring the next generation of heroes.

The Hero Factory’s mission: to build the bravest, most advanced heroes in the galaxy! When rookie Rocka responds to a civilian distress call from the planet Quatros, discovers it’s actually the planet itself that needs help. Rocka is taken hostage by former Hero Professor Aldous Witch, who has now become a power-mad Witch Doctor. It’s up to pros Bulk and Stringer and rookies Furno, Nex and Stormer to rescue Rocka, destroy the sinister Witch Doctor and save the once beautiful planet. But time is running out! Will the Heroes become monster chow? Will Quatros be destroyed? Only by working together to restore the planet’s core will the Heroes succeed. Powerful evil requires forceful Heroes in this original movie from the creators of BIONICLE®!

Special Features:

  • Bonus Episode: Ordeal of Fire – When the nefarious Fire Lord and his crew invade a refueling station, Stormer, Furno, Surge and Breeze are forced to introduce the new “upgraded” Hero models before the ready – or face losing one of their own. (23 minutes)
  • Languages: English, François, Español
  • Subtitles: English & Español (Episodes. Bonus Material/Trailer may not be subtitled).


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