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Thomas Starter Set
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Sir Topham Hatt


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2 - 5




    Thomas & Friends

5544 Thomas Starter Set is a DUPLO Thomas & Friends set released in 2008.


This set contains pieces to make a circular track with a watertower, windmill and Callan Station, Sir Topham Hatt and Thomas with trailers. The set contained a circular train track. Inside is a train station and platform, called Callan. Around the track is a coal dispenser, a spinning windmill, a red and green signal tower and a water tower. Included is a Thomas engine, with two trailers and a Sir Topham Hatt figure. The set contained 82 pieces. It is the only set to contain Part 31213pb15, a printed Callan brick and one of the few to contain the components of the Thomas the Tank Engine body.


  • The set was commented on as being good for young children and fans of Thomas, but some believed that it was too expensive. 1

LEGO Description This is a quote taken from Do not modify it.

A whole fun adventure for Thomas! Thomas is hard at work carrying coal around the island of Sodor. Along the way he passes Callan Station, a windmill, and a signal station. Can you help Thomas get his job done? Safe, colorful and durable DUPLO pieces are perfect for little hands!

  • Includes Thomas, Sir Topham Hatt, tracks, station, water tower, and so much more!
  • Turn the handle on the windmill to make it spin!
  • Spin the signal to green or red!
  • Tilt the coal into the carts!
  • Full track measures 28" x 23" (72cm x 58cm)!
  • With carts attached, Thomas measures over 11" (28cm) long!

DUPLO figures Included


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