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Offroad Power
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June 2010



5893 Offroad Power is a Creator set released in June 2010. It includes instructions to build an Offroad Truck with trailer and Quad, a truck with digger or a dune buggy. It includes a Power functions winch.


The set includes 1061 pieces, mainly in Blue and Dark Stone Grey, which are used to build the main model of the set: a large off-roader and a quad bike, or a transport truck with a mini loader and a dune buggy.

The Main Model

The main model consists of a large blue-and-white off-road truck with working suspension, a Power Functions winch, and an opening hood, as well as a small red quad bike, with a trailer to pull the quad bike on. The off-roader measures 10" long, while the quad bike is 4" long.

The Alternate Models

The two secondary models are a transport truck with a mini loader, and a dune buggy. The transport truck has a loading ramp for the mini loader, which can be placed in the bed of the truck. The dune buggy has working suspension, the same winch as the main model, and a movable spoiler. Description This is a quote taken from Do not modify it. (visit this item's product page)

Create 3 tough off-road vehicles from 1 model!

Build this awesome offroader and be prepared to overcome any obstacle! Control the working steering and suspension, pull yourself out of trouble with the self-winding winch or hop on the quad bike to traverse the roughest terrain. Then, transform the offroader by rebuilding it into a truck with digger or a dune buggy.

  • Open the offroader’s engine, doors and tailgate!
  • Offroader features working steering, suspension and self-winding winch
  • Building instructions for all 3 models included
  • Offroader measures 10" (25cm) long
  • Quad bike measures 4" (10cm) long


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