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Gold Heist
5971 box
Item №:





Space Police III Officer


Flag-US $19.99
Flag-DE €20.99
Flag-UK £15.99
Flag-AU $29.99


7 - 14


May 30, 2009 (US) / June 9, 2009 (UK)


    Space Police III

5971 Gold Heist was released in May of 2009 as part of the Space Police III line. Included is Frenzy and a Space Police Officer Minifigure, as well as a Space Police transporter with a gold bar container and a small getaway platform, the Hyper Hopper, for Frenzy.

Notes Description This is a quote taken from Do not modify it. (visit this item's product page)

Protect the intergalactic gold shipment!
All-points bulletin: that four-armed space villain Frenzy is up to his old tricks again! He’s planning to ambush the gold shipment carried by the Space Police XL SpaceFreighter and use his hyper-hopper to make a speedy getaway. Use the flick-launching freeze rays to take him down and haul him off to galactic jail. Hope you remembered to bring extra handcuffs!

  • Includes handcuffs, gold bars, four-armed Frenzy minifigure and Space Police Officer minifigure!
  • Flick fire the quad freeze ray cannons!
  • Spin and position the multidirectional engines for speedy pursuit!
  • Space Police XL SpaceFreighter measures 7 inches (17.8cm) long by 6 inches (15.2cm) wide!

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