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Hyperspeed Pursuit
5973 HyperspeedPursuit A
Item №:





Skull Twin (Two)
Space Police III Officer


Flag-US $49.99
Flag-DE €52.99
Flag-UK £39.99
Flag-AU $79.99


7 - 14


July 1, 2009 (US) / June 4, 2009 (UK)


    Space Police III

5973 Hyperspeed Pursuit was released in August 2009 as part of the Space Police III line. Included are two Skull Twins and a Space Police III Officer Minifigure.

Notes Description This is a quote taken from Do not modify it. (visit this item's product page)

Chase down the galactic lawbreakers!
Space Police alert! The Skull Twins are getting away with a safe full of gold in their hyperspeed Skull Interceptor. Hit the turbo-rockets and give chase in the super-fast Space Police VX-Falcon, but watch out for the Skull Interceptor’s twin blasters…and twin alien drivers!

  • A safe with gold bars and 3 minifigures included: 2 Skull Twin aliens and a Space Police Officer!
  • Space Police vehicle features a rear prison pod with exploding door!
  • Alien Skull Interceptor vehicle measures 9 inches (22.9cm) long by 7 inches (17.8cm) wide!
  • Space Police VX-Falcon measures over 8 inches (20.3cm) long and has a 9 inch (22.9cm) wing span!

Minifigures included


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