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6071 Forestmen's Crossing is a LEGO Castle set released in 1990 under the Forestmen subtheme. It contains a woodland hideout next to a river, a horse and five minifigures, including the Forestwoman and four forestmen.

This set did not appear in European catalogs and was not released in Germany.


The whole structure consists of a hollow tree and an overgrown tower ruin on opposing sides of the small river, interconnected by a rope bridge. The ruin contains a hideout on the ground floor that can be accessed via two foldable wall sections on its front and back. Usually a treasure chest is stored here. On the first floor is a platform with crenelations and a lookout on top of it. From the top leads a ropebridge to the tree on the other side. This tree is entirely hollow and split in two, allowing everybody to walk right through it. A ladder leads from the ground up to the rope bridge.

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