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My LEGO Town
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US $29.99/£19.99


June 28, 2009 (US)/June 3, 2009 (UK)


Bricks and More

6194 My LEGO Town was released in 2009. This set includes instructions to build several things for a LEGO City including a post office, a police station, a repair garage, a train station, and more! Description This is a quote taken from Do not modify it.

Build your own LEGO® town!

Build a police station, post office, repair garage, train station or anything else your LEGO® town needs! Includes pieces to make lots of different buildings and vehicles for endless hours of building fun. Contains 516 pieces Including lots of roof tiles, 3 windows and 3 doors, and 2 minifigures! Windshields, wheels, steering wheels, and propeller also included! Features nice details such as flowers, fences, a crate, a mailbox and letters, and a clock! Makes a great gift!


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