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―Toxic Reapa, about to shoot toxic waste blaster at Evo.

6201 Toxic Reapa is a 42-piece product Hero Factory villain released in January 2012.


Toxic Reapa wears black and transparent green armour, the two main colours in the set. His feet each have two spikes, and are the same pieces as those in the BIONICLE Zesk set. He wears no armour on his lower legs, which are black, and his thighs, lime green in colour, sport small transparent armour plates. His body is one of the wide-shouldered variety, and like villains in the first Hero Factory wave, Rise of the Rookies, the stub with the ball on top for the neck is left without anything connecting on to it. He uses a piece like the two main body pieces of Thornraxx, with his neck and two armour pieces connected on to it. Toxic’s arms are much thicker than his legs, due to the excessive amount of armour, which is composed of large shoulder armour like that of Evo, but in a different colour, an armour piece shaped in a different manner to all the other armour on his forearms, and a transparent armour piece for his ‘hands.’ Connected to the two holes in the ‘hands’ are a transparent green large flame piece, and a transparent cord with a green inner. The other sides of the cords connect to dual waste tanks on his back. Toxic’s helmet is lime green, and his head is not one of the Glatorian heads, but a transparent orange BIONICLE Toa hand, though redesigned. His mouth is open, and he has large teeth of several sizes, as well as two gadget-things next to his jaw. He has a nose, which is not all that rare for Hero Factory helmets.


Toxic Reapa was a native of the planet Z’chaya, and equipped himself with a toxic waste tank that melts and contaminates anything it touches. However, he was captured, the Heroes breaking up his crime spree, and was imprisoned in the villain containment facility at Hero Factory, but then escaped with Voltix’s help. He traveled back to Z’chaya, intending to mutate larvae there and turn them into evil insects. He was caught and cuffed by Nathan Evo there, putting an end to his plans.

Bio This is a description taken from Do not modify it.

A native of the jungle planet Z’chaya, Toxic Reapa is a native son gone very, very bad. He’s equipped himself with a deadly toxic waste tank that melts and contaminates anything it touches. His crime spree ended with his capture at Hero Factory’s villain containment facility, but he’s escaped with the help of Black Phantom.
If he’s not caught in time, he may very well infect the larvae on his home planet, creating an entire army of evil insects! With Evo hot on his trail, though, he’ll need to be more than just lucky to pull off his evil plans.


  • In the episodes, Toxic Reapa had only one waste blaster hand, and the other was a real hand. Additionally, the flames’ were not present except when he fired the waste blaster.
  • The set includes a hero core, the code on the back worth 200 points for the Breakout game.
  • He is very similar to 7156 Corroder and 7148 Meltdown, with a mask resembling that of 7147 XPlode.
  • On the top left side of the back of his package, it says “Toxic Reapa Toxic.” This is because his name in English is Toxic Reapa, and the second “Toxic” is in German.
  • Toxic Reapa is voiced by Nick Jameson.
  • Toxic Reapa’s building instructions show a possible combo model along with 6200 Evo, the instructions for the combo being on Description This is a description taken from Do not modify it. (visit this item's product page)

Battle the heroes with TOXIC REAPA’s toxic waste attack!

Heroes! TOXIC REAPA has escaped from Hero Factory and has been detected on the way to his home planet of Z’chaya. We need you to recapture him quick, but use caution. He’s armed with a deadly toxic waste attack, crushing claws and powerful laser cutters. We’re counting on you!

  • Features toxic tanks, toxic jets, crushing claws and laser cutters!
  • Highly flexible and poseable elements!
  • Includes unique code for 200 game points for LEGO Hero Factory BREAKOUT game!
  • Battle with 6200 EVO!
  • Combine with 6200 EVO for an even bigger model!
  • Stands over 6” (15cm) tall!



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