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6236 King Kahuka is an Islanders set released in 1994. At 42 pieces, it was the smallest set in the line and contained King Kahuka, his throne, and some accessories.


The set includes King Kahuka, his throne, and a treasure chest. The throne has a green plate at the bottom, with yellow bricks holding it up. The main colour scheme is red and beige. There is a red bow at the front of the throne, and connecting onto that at the top is a 4x4 beige plate. There are two arm-rests at the side, and a beige back. The set also includes two spears, with shields on them with the emblem of Kahuka.


King Kahuka was the leader of the Islanders, and ruled on the Enchanted Island.


  • King Kahuka's throne folds back for the treasure chest to be hidden underneath it.

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