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6337 Fast Track Finish is a Town set released in 1996 as part of the Race line. It contains the start/finish line of a Formula 1 Octan race track, along with a small control tower, a tow truck, a pit lane, two racing cars and six minifigures.


  • The set also includes a winner's podium with a small trophy (a common yellow goblet), various signal flags, including a checkered one, and a scoreboard that displays a schematic of the race track.
  • This set is featured as one of the locations in the Lego Island video game, where players could build and race, race cars.
  • The F1 racing cars have the numbers "1" and "3". Number "2", "5" and "6" were included in 6335 Indy Transport and number "4" in 6546 Slick Racer. These six racers shared a common design and were all released in 1996.

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