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Antenna Pack
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The set 671 Antenna Pack was released in early 2004 as part of the Racers RC line of sets. This set consists of 13 pieces specially designed in case they are lost. This set is part of a tetralogy of sets released in Spring 2004 for the purpose of spare parts.


This set is more like a kit, than a real set because it comes with a plastic overlay holding the pieces in their spots. It is surfaced around an overlay of cardboard that reads "LEGO Racers Antenna Pack 9+". On the bottom a link to is provided. When compared to the other three sets of its kind, it has the most pieces (at least three more than the rest; 10, 6 and 4). The pieces themselves are of the TECHNIC style and range from rubber bands to the featured antenna. This set did not see a wide release, and was only advertised on and sold in select stores.


  • This is the only set in which Part 45573 is Dark Stone.
  • This is one of two sets that contains Part 45573.
  • This is one of two sets that contains Part 47324.
  • This is one of two sets that contains Part 45799.
  • This is one of two sets that contains Part x1218.
  • This is one of four sets that contains Part 45575.

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