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6918 Blacksmith Attack is a Kingdoms set released in July, 2011. The set includes 104 pieces and is intended for children from the ages of five through twelve. The set includes two minifigures, a Blacksmith and a Dragon Knight with a dark grey sword and light grey shield. The blacksmith's weapons are also used in the LEGO games theme Heroica.



The main part of the set is the Blacksmith's shop. This is built of two walls, one with a waterwheel supporting a sloped room. On the side that does not have the waterwheel is a fire. When the water wheel is turned, the mallet goes up and down depicting the blacksmith hammering on a tool on his anvil.


Also included in the set is a weapon stand. This can fit two weapons on clips and a dark silver breastplate at the top.

Minifigures and Accessories

The set includes two minifigures: a Blacksmith and an Axe Dragon Knight. The set includes many weapons, namely a sword, a dragon shield, and a set of Heroica weapons. A dark sand chicken, a golden crystal, and a bucket are also included.

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Protect the blacksmith’s workshop from the evil dragon knight!

The evil dragon knight is on a mission to destroy the blacksmith’s workshop! Can the brave blacksmith stop him with his shop full of weapons and tools? Use the working wheel and anvil to create a sword strong enough to fight the dragon knight, or grab a set of armor to protect the blacksmith from the attack. With 4 weapons at the blacksmith’s side, the evil knight has a solid fight on his hands!

  • Includes 2 minifigures: blacksmith and dragon knight
  • Blacksmith’s workshop features functioning wheel and anvil
  • Accessories include weapon rack, 4 weapons, body armor, bucket and chicken
  • Spin the mill wheel!
  • Measures 4” (10cm) wide and 3” (7cm) tall

Minifigures Included


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