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Solar Snooper
6957 Box
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Blacktron Future Generation Astronaut
Space Police II Officer (x2)


Flag-US $36.00






    Space Police II

6957 Solar Snooper is a Space Police II set that was released in 1992. It includes a large truck with a trailer, a modular jail cell, a small spacecraft, two Space Police officers and a Blacktron II prisoner.


The small spacecraft stored on the trailer can accept one jail cell in its center section by stretching out in a similar fashion as 6897 Rebel Hunter. The Solar Snooper is the largest Space Police II land vehicle. It has two cockpits, one above the other. It has a detachable trailer, which is roughly the same size. The trailer has carries a spaceship. The spaceship double cockpit and a rocket booster. It has two thrusters on the bottom, which could also be used as rockets. The set is a mix of red, black, transparent green, and old grey.


To fight the forces of Blacktron Future Generation, the people of M-Tron enlisted the help of the Space Police.


  • The cockpit section of the tractor vehicle is similar in design to the one from 6984 Galactic Mediator.
  • Though the the flying vehicle has available seats (One for a pilot, the other for a co-pilot), Only two officers are included, one for the tractor vehicle, and the other for the flying vehicle.
  • As shown in a picture, the Solar Snooper was entrapped in ice on the Ice Planet Krysto. The civilians there freed it.
  • This is one of the 3 sets in which Part 2463 is transparent green.
  • This is one of the 2 sets in which Part 2466 is transparent green.
  • This is one of the 2 sets in which Part 4215a is transparent green.

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