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6977 Arachnoid Star Base is an Insectoids set released in 1998. It contains two Danny Longlegs Minifigures and two Gigabots.


The Arachnoid Base resembles a giant six-legged spider. Two of the legs are cranes which minifigures can sit on. The back of the base is rounded, which is mainly green. In the middle is the core of the base, which is coloured red, grey, and orange. In front of the core is the cockpit, where a single Zotaxian can sit. The cockpit piece is transparent neon green, and is used in several other Space sets, such as 6979 Interstellar Starfighter, 6975 Alien Avenger, and 6999 Cyber Saucer. A magnet is featured at the front of the cockpit. There are three blue wheels on either side of the base, one at the middle, on at the back, and one between the other two wheels, below the cranes. There are two transparent dark green pieces at the front, which can hold the transparent neon green crystals that the Zotaxians collect. At least four are included in the set. Two other vehicles are included in the set, one with wings, piloted by a Gigabot, and a tiny speeder, piloted by a Zotaxian.


This was the Insectoids' main base from where their operations were carried out.

Minifigures included

Danny LonglegsDanny LonglegsGigabotGigabot


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