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Viking Ship Challenges the Midgard Serpent is a Vikings set released in 2005. Included are the Midgard Serpent, a Viking ship, and six Minifigures.


  • This set is the first galley made by LEGO, as well as the first set to feature a sea-serpent, instead of a dragon.
  • If you look carefully at its design, you can tell it is the pre-cursor to the set 7048, Troll Warship. The mast, serpent, forward rocket turret, and hanging prison, as well as the poop deck configuration at the rear.

Minifigures Included

Viking King
Viking Warrior 1b
Viking Warrior 2c
Viking Warrior
Viking Warrior 4d
Viking Warrior 6b
Viking KingViking WarriorViking WarriorViking WarriorViking WarriorViking Warrior



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