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Skeleton Ship Attack
Skeleton Boat
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Crown Knight (3)
Skeleton Captain
Skeleton Warrior (3)


Flag-US $69.99
Flag-UK £49.99






    Castle (2007)

7029 Skeleton Ship Attack is a Castle set released in 2007. It contains a Skeleton Ship. It also includes a collapsing harbour with a gate, a small cove with a catapult on top, a treasure chest inside, three Crown Knights, three Skeleton Warriors, the Skeleton Captain, and his pet rat.


Skeleton Ship

The skeleton ship is one of the main parts of the set. This is built on a large hull and a smaller ship base. At the top front of the hull is a battering ram, and directly behind that are some battlements and a missile. On the deck is a box with a second missile inside. The cabin of the ship has a large door, and maroon walls with bricks sloping outwards and spikes at the ends of them. On the quarterdeck is the mast, which has a crows-nest on it. Behind this is the steering wheel. On the two sides of the quarterdeck are low walls with two skeleton shields on each of them. At the back of the quarterdeck is another wall with two lightning pieces on it. Behind the quarterdeck are two black bat wings, and an anchor.

Crown Port

The crown port has four main parts: a house/builing, a rock formation, and two towers with a gate between them, from which the wharf sticks out. The house has a sloped roof, and room inside with a cup and a barrel. The rock formation has a hole inside for a treasure chest and a catapult behind some battlements at the top. The two towers are symmetrical with rock at the bottom, a small room with a window at the front, and some battlements at the top. These are joined together by an archway with a crown shield at the front, and two black gates. In front of the gates is a wharf with a fall-in section.


Minifigures Included

Skeleton Warrior White
Skeleton Warrior White
Skeleton Warrior White
Skeleton WarriorSkeleton WarriorSkeleton WarriorSkeleton CaptainCrown KnightCrown KnightCrown Archer


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