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Skull Warrior
Skull Warrior Box
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Summer 2015




Booklet 1, Booklet 2

70791 Skull Warrior is a 102 piece BIONICLE set that was released in summer 2015. It includes a Skull Warrior and Kopaka’s Golden Mask of Ice, which is being drained of its power.

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Beware of the posable Skull Warrior with battle bash function, Freeze Bow rapid shooter, hook blade, Skull mask and mask pop-off trigger.

Unleash the Skull Warrior’s huge Freeze Bow rapid shooter!

Put the freeze on intruders to the ancient city with the ferocious Skull Warrior! Repel approaching LEGO® BIONICLE® heroes by unleashing six successive shots from the huge Freeze Bow rapid shooter. Activate the battle bash function and overcome any opponent in close combat. Rip off their masks with the hook blade and channel their elemental power to awaken more of the Skull Warrior’s undead comrades!

  • Features a Skull mask and mask pop-off trigger, shell with cool metallic-effect chest decoration, battle bash function, Freeze Bow rapid shooter, hook blade, silver-colored bones, translucent rib cage and posable joints
  • Turn the wheel to activate the battle arm!
  • Rip off LEGO® BIONICLE® hero masks with the hook blade
  • Fire the Freeze Bow rapid shooter!
  • Durable design for intense action play
  • Stands over 7” (20cm) tall
  • Combine with 70792 Skull Slicer and 70793 Skull Basher to create a multi-headed warrior using building instructions available online at


The Skull warriors work for Makuta and Skull Grinder. They have to primary weapons; A six shooter Bow and jagged spear. In the cartoon the Warriors ambushed the Toa in the city of the Mask Makers. They would almost have defeated the Heroes, but Lewa flew in and smashed away the archers. Although it appeared in the Set, The skull warriors never took Kopaka's golden Mask in the Show.


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