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Dragon Fortress
Item №:





Johnny Thunder
Dr. Kilroy
Pippin Reed
Jing Lee
Lord Sinister
Chang Wu
Dragon Fortress Guard (2)
Dragon Fortress Statue


Flag-US $89.99
Flag-UK £69.99






     Orient Expedition

7419 Dragon Fortress is an Adventurers Orient Expedition set released in 2003, and was the final set released in the theme. It consists of a large model of the Dragon Fortress, the location of the the mythical Golden Dragon and a small car used by the Adventurers. It was the biggest set released in the Orient Expedition theme. Chang Wu, the Dragon Fortress Statue and the Golden Dragon are exclusive to this set. It has 732 pieces.

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Find the Golden Dragon in the Dragon Fortress!
Hidden deep inside the Dragon Fortress is the ultimate treasure of Marco Polo -- the Golden Dragon! But to find it, Johnny Thunder and his friends will have to dodge traps, solve mysteries, and escape Lord Sinister, the Emperor, and all his guards. This detailed model includes false walls, hidden chambers, and three treasures: the Golden Keys, the Golden Helmet, and the Golden Dragon, plus plenty of other exciting surprises. Features Johnny Thunder, Pippin Reed, Dr. Kilroy, the Wanderer, Lord Sinister, the Emperor, guards, and complete Orient Expedition board game.

Minifigures included


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