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7942 Off-Road Fire Rescue is a City Fire set released in 2007. It contains a small pick-up truck with a trailer in the back, several pieces of equipment, and a fireman.


Attached to the car is a walkie-talkie. The trailer is equipped with two storage boxes and has a fire extinguisher and a breathing apparatus. In the back is a fire hose on a reel. Another piece of equipment is a large removable device with a panel with gauges and a search light, that also has an axe and a circular saw attached to it. This appliance can be stored on the trucks load bed.

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Ready for off-road rescues!

No matter where the emergency is, the fire chief is ready to speed to the scene and save the day! Set includes fire chief's off-road fire rescue truck, trailer, and lots of great firefighting equipment! Inlcudes fire chief minifigure to take command of your rescue team!

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