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Clone Walker Battle Pack
8014 box
Item №:





Clone Commander
Clone Trooper (2)
Clone Gunner

Price: Flag-US $11.99
Flag-DE €14.99
Flag-UK £9.99
Flag-AU $19.99

Additional prices:
Flag-NZ $24.99



December 28, 2008 (US and UK)


Star Wars
    The Clone Wars


Booklet 1

8014 Clone Walker Battle Pack is a set released in December 2008/January 2009 as part of the second wave of The Clone Wars line. It is a Battle Pack that contains four minifigures, including two Clone Troopers, a Clone Gunner and a Clone Commander, with ARC and commander gear. It also includes a small walker. This is one of two 2009 battle packs, the other being the Assassin Droids Battle Pack.


The walker has posable legs, which allow it to 'walk' forwards. Each leg has three joints, each of which can rotate up and down. Two Clone Troopers sit in the body, which holds the weaponry of the walker; two flick-fire missiles and a blaster gun. The set also includes a black set of ARC gear. This was the first set in which it was released in that colour.


The walker is believed to be an AT-RCT (All Terrain Riot Control Transport). Several of them were deployed at the beginning of The Clone Wars movie, where they ran out to fight the Separatist forces.


  • Two of this set appeared on on the 7749 Echo Base set homepage.
  • This set was the first to have Clone Armour/accessories in black.
  • This set was released in late December 2008 in the U.S. and the UK, and January 2009 elsewhere.
  • This set was discontinued towards the end of 2010.
  • Part 64966 (the sticker sheet) is unique to this set.
  • In LEGO Star Wars III: The Clone Wars, it is an 'AT-RT in 'Small Air Support' Description This is a quote taken from Do not modify it.

March into battle with the Clone Army!

As the Clone Wars rage across the galaxy, the Republic army advances across the battlefields of hundreds of planets. Build up your army with the Clone Walker™, a tough 2-man vehicle with poseable legs and flick-firing missiles!

  • Includes 2 Clone Troopers™, Clone Gunner™, Clone Commander™ and ARC trooper gear!
  • Build your army and add #8015 Assassin Droids™ Battle Pack for even more fun!
  • Measures over 3.5" (8cm) tall

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