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8311 Gorm is a Galidor set released in 2002. It consists of a model of Gorm, the main villain of Galidor. It contains twelve pieces, and was priced US $9.99.


Gorm's legs are black, and relatively skinny. The back of his shins, just above his feet, features a strange ridged design. His torso is made of a single large piece, which his legs are jointed into. It is primarily black, with some pink printing. A long black and purple codpiece is stuck into his lower torso. His arms connect into a purple ridged circular section of the torso, and are each made of two parts: the upper arm, and the hand/wrist area. Both Gorm's hands are grey, and one is far larger than the other.


The primary villain of the Galidor universe, Gorm already rules most of the Outer Dimension and is determined to conquer Galidor.
He has already made most of the world into a desolate wasteland, but cannot cement his rule without the Egg, a special key that has been shattered and spread throughout the world. He must find the pieces before Nicholas Bluetooth, a human brought by the Galidorans from Earth to lead their fight.
Once the chief advisor of the Royal Court of Galidor, Gorm has become a menace throughout the Outer Dimennsion. He conquered many realms, wiped out several species (such as the Amphibibs), and made a virus in the Maps. As such he is known as the Conqueror of a Thousand Worlds. He has Sam Bluetooth, Nick's father, in his clutches, and plans to conquer the whole of Galidor.
He has the ability to glinch at a much weaker level than Nick (he stole a small part of Nick's power when Nick was a baby), but amplifies it to a great degree through a device on his chest. Among Gorm's other skills are his immense strength, telekinesis, and his extremely cunning intellect. Description This is a description taken from Do not modify it. (visit this item's product page)

Gorm Conqueror of a thousand realms!
Gorm already rules most of the Outer Dimension - and Galidor is next on his list, unless Nick can stop him! Replace Gorm's forearm and hand with the "grasping hand" as he closes in on his foes! Or take him apart and put him back together using parts from other Galidor action figures and make your own hero or villain.


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