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8312 Jens is a Galidor set released in 2002.

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Jens includes an additional "tool arm" that can replace any of his other arms.

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Jens was the one who sent the TDN Module to Earth, hoping to bring back the great warrior sent there years before. It brings back Nick Bluetooth, whom Jens believes is the great warrior, and his friend Allegra Zane. Despite his mechanical, multi-limbed appearance, Jens insists that he is not a robot, but rather the mind of a plant-like being that was transferred into a robotic body when his species was wiped out by the evil Gorm. He acts as Nick's guide on Galidor. Description Edit This is a description taken from Do not modify it. (visit this item's product page)

Jens: Master of the mechanical!
Jens looks like a mechanical man, but he actually has the brain of one of the Outer Dimension's greatest scientists. Replace any of his arms with his "tool arm," or take Jens apart and put him back together using parts from other Galidor action figures!

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