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8314 Gorm Deluxe is a Galidor set released in 2002. It is the second version of Gorm released, and, at fourteen pieces, is the largest.


Unlike 8313 Nick Deluxe, the deluxe version of Gorm alters the appearance of the basic 8311 Gorm figure, featuring a scaly gold armour pattern instead of the original purple. The grappling arm has been replaced with a cannon and two wasp missiles. It includes an additional armour part.
Gorm has long black legs, with strange ridged banding behind the shin area. Gorm's torso is a single large part, and is primarily black. It has gold and white globules printed on it, and a hole into which a codpiece can be inserted. The codpiece is printed with a continuation of the design from the torso. Gorm's arms are made of two parts each, but are quite different from each other- one has a hand attached to the end of it's second part, as would be expected from an arm, but the lower half of the other arm is entirely made out of a large black gun. Gorm's head is encased in a black mask, and two eye-holes reveal the grey, withered skin around his mismatched eyes.


Gorm, known as The Conqueror of a Thousand Worlds, was formerly an adviser in royal court of Galidor. However, he currently rules most of the Outer Dimension, and has made most of it into a blasted heath. He has various abilities, such as extreme intelligence, telekinesis, and the ability to glinch, which he stole from Nick Bluetooth. Description This is a description taken from Do not modify it. (visit this item's product page)

Gorm Deluxe: Beware the power of Gorm!
The evil Gorm is looking for Nick and his friends! When he spots them, he launches his wasp wings to try and bring them down. This deluxe figure includes wasp wings with firing action. Plus you can take Gorm apart and rebuild him using parts from other Galidor action figures!


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