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8320 Nepol is a Galidor set released in 2002, containing Nepol.


While the character in the TV show Galidor was entirely blue, the LEGO model features a white torso and white bumps on its head. It includes an extra grappler arm.


Once the greatest warrior in the Royal Court of Galidor and General of its army, Nepol was caught up in the implosion that wiped his forces out during a battle against Gorm. The implosion severely reduced his size but did not affect his strength, speed or volcanic temper. He joins Nick Bluetooth's mission to restore Galidor as his combat trainer. As well as his speed and strength, he can shoot ice flames from his hands; on Nepol's world, hot is cold and cold is hot. Description This is a description taken from Do not modify it. (visit this item's product page)

Nepol: Nepol is ready to challenge Gorm!
The most famous Siktari warriour of them all is back to challenge the might of Gorm. Although reduced in size by an implosion, Nepol is still more than a match for the evil conqueror of the Outer Dimension. Includes special gripper arm. Over 6 1/2" tall!


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