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850686 Notebook with Studs is a set released in 2013. It includes a white notebook and each letter of the alphabet in tiles 3 times.


The notebook's cover is primarily white. It features a yellow Minifigure in the foreground, and a green minifigure in the background. It has an area that has green studs, to allow building on. The book includes lettered tiles, so the writer can customise the cover. Description This is a description taken from Do not modify it. (visit this item's product page)

Take the LEGO® building fun to school or work!

Keep your best building ideas inside of the LEGO® Notebook with Studs. This clasping bound notebook features a hard cover with an attached baseplate for building, right on your book! Use the included number and letter elements to make it your own.

  • Features a hard-cover bounded notebook, attached 6 x 24-stud baseplate and elements labeled with letter and number decals
  • Build, draw, write and plan with a LEGO® Notebook
  • Makes a great gift for LEGO fans


  • According to the LEGO Shop this set contains 83 pieces, unlike the box art which states 79.

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