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850839 Classic Pirates Accessory Pack is an exclusive Pirates set released in 2013. It includes minifigures of a pirate captain, female pirate, and two generic male pirates. It also comes with a crab, a barrel, and a treasure chest. Description This is a description taken from Do not modify it. (visit this item's product page)

Build and plunder with the LEGO® Classic Pirate Set!

Build a crew to pillage and plunder with the Classic Pirate Set! Create an adventure on the high seas with 4 minifigures, weapons, treasure, a map, crab and a parrot. Easy to build!

  • Includes crab, parrot and 4 pirate minifigures with weapons
  • Features treasure chest and gold elements, map, barrel, leaf elements and telescope
  • Easy to build!


  • One of the pirates uses Cole's head piece.
  • The female pirate and pirate Captain both have heads from the Monster Fighters theme. The Captain has Jack McHammer's head, and the female pirate has Ann Lee's.
    • Also, the Captain is almost exactly the same as Captain Brickbeard, despite the face used.

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