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Ninjago Battle Arena
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Sensei Wu


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January 1, 2011



853106 Ninjago Battle Arena is a Ninjago accessory set released in January 2011. It includes a Sensei Wu minifigure.


The arena itself is a large piece of moulded black plastic featuring no studs or other LEGO-compatible mechanisms. It consists of an irregularly-walled, roughly circular play area with four "dugout" areas for players to play from. The dugouts contain slots for a player's minifigure, spinner and cards plus a small bucket for weapons. The floor of the arena sports a holographic, motion-animated image. The Sensei Wu figure included with the set comes with a spinner and a single weapon - a golden staff - but no cards. Description This is a quote taken from Do not modify it. (visit this item's product page)

Stage the ultimate ninja face-offs in the Battle Arena!

Spin for glory in the LEGO® Ninjago Battle Arena! Train, fight and win in the smooth battle bowl - perfect for spinjitzu showdowns! Use the hard-to-find Sensei-Wu minifigure with spinner to take on your friends and the skeleton army! Spin your way to glory on ninja-motion special effect graphics!

  • Includes hard-to-find Sensei-Wu minifigure with spinner
  • Battle Arena features ninja-motion special effects
  • Battle area measures 11” (30cm) long by 11” (30cm) wide
  • A perfect gift for fans of LEGO® Ninjago building sets

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