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853378 Firemen Minifigure Pack
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853378 Firemen Minifigure Pack




Forest Firefighter One
Forest Firefighter Six
Forest Firefighter Seven
Forest Firefighter Eight


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853378 Firemen Minifigure Pack is a City Forest set released in 2012. It is quite similar to the Battle Packs used by other themes. It includes 4 Forest (City) Firefighters (three male and one female), all with air tanks and masks, two fire extinguishers, a black walkie-talkie, a black axe, a water cannon with a trans-blue flame piece to represent water squirting, a saw and a small bush/tree with two flames. Description This is a description taken from Do not modify it. (visit this item's product page)

Fight LEGO® CITY fires with 4 times the power!

Bring 4 new heroes to the LEGO® CITY fire with a firefighting accessory pack! Get to the scene and use the ax to get to the danger! Then use walkie-talkies to organize the action and the water hoses to douse the flames. Add these buildable heroes to any LEGO CITY set for action-packed role play! Features 4 firefighter minifigures with accessories Includes buildable forest fire accessories Put out the fire! Add to your LEGO® CITY collection with 4 firefighting heroes!

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