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Mission 4: Speedboat Rescue
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Agent Trace
Agent Chase
Break Jaw


Flag-US $39.99
Flag-DE €39.99
Flag-UK £29.99
Flag-AU $59.99


7 - 14


June 2008



8633 Mission 4: Speedboat Rescue is an Agents set released in 2008. It comes with an Agents speedboat, a crane on a buoy holding Agent Trace up in the air, two cyborg sharks with flick fire missiles on their backs, Break Jaw on a jetski, and Agent Chase. This is one of the two sets to have a version two shark.


The speedboat includes a zipline fired from a flick-fire harpoon that Agent Chase slides across to rescue Agent Trace. The boat also has a flick-fire missile, firing net launcher, and a detachable minisub. The buoy includes an opening base to release Break Jaw's jetski.

The storyline on the box shows Break Jaw kidnapping Agent Trace and trapping her on the buoy.


  • The sharks in the set are shown on a sticker for one of the "slides" for the 8635 Mission 6: Mobile Command Center projector.
  • This set was featured in an Agents game.
  • The lanterns were in the game LEGO Universe, on the world Crux Prime.
  • The concept of sharks having lasers attached to their heads was a running gag in the Austin Powers movies, and this set may have been inspired by it.
  • This mission takes place near an oil platform, judging by the background on the box. Description This is a quote taken from Do not modify it.

Outrace the laser-guided sharks at sea!

Agent Trace has been captured by Dr. Inferno's henchman Break Jaw, and he's about to feed her to his laser-guided cyborg sharks! As a LEGO Agent, it's your mission to save Trace with the help of your gadget-loaded super-spy speedboat. Detach the mini-sub and take Break Jaw by surprise!

  • Includes Agent Trace, Agent Chase and Break Jaw minifigures, plus 2 sharks! *Launch the flick-fire missiles attached to the sharks!
  • Use the net shooter to stop the sharks!
  • Detach the mini sub from the speedboat!
  • Fire the speedboat's harpoon and use it as a zipline to save Agent Trace!
  • Open the sides of the speedboat!
  • Watch out for Break Jaw and his jetski!
  • Speedboat measures 10'½" (27cm) long and 5" (13cm) wide!

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