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Adventurers is a theme that was introduced June 1998 and was discontinued in the spring of 2003. The main character of the theme is an Australian adventurer, by the name of Johnny Thunder (also known as Sam Grant or Joe Freeman). It includes subthemes such as Egypt, Jungle, Dino Island and Orient Expedition. There is a ride in LEGOLAND California and LEGOLAND Florida, based on the Adventures theme, where the rider must shoot enemies with a laser-pointer gun.


Unlike most other themes, which take place in fictional locations, most of the Adventurers sets take place in areas in real world countries and places, such as Egypt, the Amazon Rainforest, and the Himalayas, India, and China. The only fictional subtheme that did not take place in real life environments took place on Dino Island, where prehistoric creatures still resided. Johnny Thunder also was part in the LEGO Massively Multiplayer Online Game or MMOG, Lego Universe. This was his first appearance since this theme was discontinued.

The theme essentially consists of four distinct subthemes, Egypt, Jungle, Dino Island, and Orient Expedition. The main characters of the theme are Johnny Thunder, Dr. Kilroy, and Pippin Reed. Villains were also introduced to provide contrast for the heroes. Such characters included Lord Sam Sinister (aka Baron Von Barron), the main recurring antagonist of the story, Emperor Chang Wu, Maharaja Lallu, and Señor Palomar.

The exact Johnny Thunder minifigure has also been reused for the Studios theme and one of its subthemes, Jurassic Park III, to save on new elements. Pippin Reed and Mike were also reused, but had minor changes including assorted headgear and, occasionally, different leg coloring. Also with different hair coloring.







Dino Island

Orient Expedition


Johnny ThunderJohnny (With Backpack)Orient Expedition (With Pupils)IndiaMount EverestDr. KilroyKilroy (With Backpack)IndiaIndia (Green Legs)Mt.Everest (Flight)Pippin Reed (Desert)JungleJungle (With Backpack)Pippin Reed (Pilot)Pippin Reed (India)Pippin Reed (Mt. Everest)Pippin Reed (China)Harry CaneSam SinisterBaron von Barron(No Epaulettes)Bi-Wing Baron (Pilot)Island Racer (Driver)Lord Sam SinisterLord Sam Sinister (Pilot)Pharaoh HotepSeñor PalomarPalomar (Backpack)Rudo VillanoRudo (Backpack)GabarroAchuAlexis SinisterMr. CunninghamCunningham (Pilot)BablooSherpa Sangye DorjeJing LeeMaharaja LalluScorpion Palace GuardNgan PaChang WuDragon Fortress GuardDragon Fortress Guard (Quiver)Dragon Fortress StatueSkeletonSkeleton with Evil SkullPharaoh SkeletonPharaoh Skeleton (White Headdress)Pharaoh Skeleton (Yellow Headdress)TygurahYetiJun-Chi

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Dino Island

Orient Expedition

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